What is the Propcorner

The Propcorner is Fiona Tretau, 28 years old, from Hamburg, Germany, fashiondesigner, mother of two daughters and feminist.

The Propcorner is designing, prints, patches and upcycling clothes with it. 

The aim is to convey feminist messages through popcultural icons, for example Barbie or Superwoman mixed up with the style of the Riot Grrrl Movement. By transforming this style into an easy recievable, flashy, sometimes ironic layout and caption it with feminist issues. All Patches are handmade in Hamburg, Germany, thats why every patch is unique and not perfect.

The main Theme of my work is the confrontation with every aspect of the female body and societies stigmatization of it. 

I studied fashion design in Hamburg and finished it with my BA work about the Riot Grrrl Movement. My current designs are based on that collection.

For me it is of importance to include all kind of sisters - not just cisters.